A Brief Guide For Insomnia In Children

Parents of children suffering from insomnia are looking for clear solutions. Fortunately, they are not restricted to heavy prescription medications, which could leave their child groggy in the mornings. With products, such as melatonin, they have access to an all-natural choice.

Do You Need a Prescription?

No, a prescription for melatonin is not necessary. This hormone is found naturally in the body. It is available through health food stores in a variety of options. However, a prescription form is available through your pediatrician. While it is a natural product, you should follow the advice of your doctor when providing this hormone to your child.

What is the Right Dosage?

The dosage for melatonin for kids ranges from 0.3 milligrams up to 6 milligrams. The rule of thumb is to begin with the lowest dosage and evaluate their level of rest each day. If you do acquire a prescription, the doctor will want to see your child back in about a week.


The weekly assessments allow them to arrive at the most effective dosage. They’ll acquire information about how your child slept and make distinctions about the effects of each dosage level. According to the packaging for most melatonin products, you should administer the medication about one hour before your child plans to go to sleep. The amount of time it takes for them to fall asleep and the number of sleep disturbances determine if they are receiving the correct dosage.

Reviewing the Safety of the Product

Is Melatonin Safe for Kids? Yes, as mentioned above it is a naturally-occurring hormone found in the body. Essentially, children who receive this medication are facing a deficiency in the hormone. This deficiency could be the underlying cause for sleep disturbances. By giving kids melatonin, doctors have discovered that it treats several other conditions, which could also attribute to sleep difficulties.

Among the conditions that could contribute to sleep disruption are ADHD, ADD, bipolar disorder, and autism. Doctors have arrived at the conclusion that more natural medications are more effective than heavy prescriptions, which are used to control symptoms and not eliminate the true problem.

Children who don’t receive adequate sleep levels often suffer in other ways. They cannot concentrate at school, which could lead to poor performance. This could also cause social issues and outbursts due to frustration. A lack of sleep also attributes to disease development. If you wish to learn more about melatonin or other natural sleep remedies, visit safe melatonin dosage today.


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